Diary of a Pool Cleaner

Because I Take Pride In My Fucking Job

Friday, February 18, 2005

First Day

This is just a quick fucking update about my first fucking awesome day on the job. It was tough at first. I mean, this fucking pool was filled with shit you wouldn't believe - diapers, beer cans, small knick-knacks from Chinatown - you name it. Lucky for me, my special technique of starting from the shallow end was helpful in getting the job done quicker than your average pool cleaner, who will just start brushing from fucking anywhere with no clear system.

When Jon saw the pool, it could see the fucking tears welling in his eyes. "This pool is fucking sparkling," he said. "I want to swim in this fucking pool!" I cannot describe the pride and fucking satisfaction that filled me at that moment.

You try to explain your love of your job and why being the best is so important. It's hard to put into fucking words, it's hard to express...just to say...I can't come up...well...it's simply...

You know what? I'm not going to even try. I'm just going to go brush the fucking pool some more.


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